The Boogie Man of Interviewing: Technical Assessments Part 1

I firmly believe that technical assessments are a critical part of the interview process. It allows us to “put all our cards on the table” early on; being efficient with both the candidate and the employer’s time. However, it was a difficult realization when I discovered that technical assessments are not just “build me X, Y or Z of a website”; something that I have been acutely focused on for 15 weeks during the full stack bootcamp. Instead, I have to leverage this general knowledge in order to apply it to more algorithmic problems.


Writing candidly, during this roller coaster of a time that is the job search, I have completed a few coding challenges that have hurt my self confidence and left me wondering if companies truly intend on hiring more junior staff. To continue my development as a budding software engineer and increase the likelihood of passing future exams, I have identified key algorithms to be familiar with; some of which include:

1. Binary Search


2. Linear Search

3. Quick Sort


4. Counting Sort

5. String Reversal

6. Palindrome

Note: the /[\W_]/g was necessary to add as we want our function to look over (and remove) any non-word or _ characters (including space, symbols, & integers). Notice “e_l 6l‘’%e” still evaluates to true as “elle” did.

  • The / represents to beginning and end of a regular expression
  • [ ] signifies the start and end of a character set
  • \W denotes “non-word” characters (opposed to \w that will match a word)
  • _ is the _ character
  • The g means that this is a global search

7. Integer Reversal

8. Fizz Buzz

9. Max Character

10. Anagrams

11. Vowels

12. Array Chunking

13. Array Reversal

14. Word Reversal

Graduate of Flatiron School’s Software Engineering Bootcamp as of 12/4/2020. Actively job searching in New York City.

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